Girl Go Home – Lyrics


I got a stain on me you see
Beware my clenched fist and grit teeth
I breath smoke, I taste of gasoline
I don’t need love, I don’t have empathy
You’ve heard of me
I’m the boy you don’t need
I have been walked upon and I’ll walk on you
And so just for your own sake
I’ve had all I can take
And when I take it, I’ll take it out on you

Oh, I been around, I been down
And it ain’t nothing new
Oh, and if you’re good I will put
A stain on you too

Don’t say everything is copacetic
I know you, I’ve kissed both sets of your lips
I can count your heart beat, I can stop it
I will burn you down if you don’t watch it
You’ve heard of me
I’m the boy you don’t need
I have been fed upon and I’ll feed on you
And so just for your own sake
I’ve had all I can take
And when I take it, I’ll take it out on you


Smooth skies are all that lie behind
In my my minds eye, I thought the flight was going fine
Until my lungs expand, gasp for air
Warning lights flash, I stop I stare
Losing air fast, time to crash burn
How could I learn, I didn’t know the concern
Fiery blazes erasing me, chasing me,
Caught up in a blaze of me
The trees, the seas and the people that flee
They can’t see what it means
‘Cause they’re swallowed by the heat
And as it comes to pass, in the smoke and rain
No pain, no gain, no love, no stain



Just one more glance outside the window
You’re feeling helpless, I can tell
Now I don’t have an answer for everything
Over and under and in between
But I know you like I know myself
And I can’t help thinking, well…

Look at us
You can see we’re no superheroes
But I’d save you, if you could save me
From all this gravity
I’m alright
I believe I’ll be flying in no time
Hang on tight, it’s just you and me
And all this gravity

We spend the nightlife on a phone call
Closest thing we’ve got to home
We don’t wanna sleep ’cause we’re scared
If the world moves on, that we won’t be there
We’re miles apart, but far from alone
And I hope you know it


It all will come and go
And still your heart breaks down so slow
But what we don’t know
We will, we will, we will
So hold on to me…



You make this look so good, like it’s nothing at all
Who wouldn’t have you
You hide your heart so nobody sees it at all
And why would they need to
Don’t you start thinking that I would wait around
As long as I’m breathing
Hey look, I’ve got one foot out the door
And we’ve been here before…

You love like a mannequin
Cute, all-American
Smooth, steady, and you cannot hardly move
You’re like glass for a citadel
Laugh now, but I can tell
You’re not the one,
Just the one to compare them all to

You talk so much, so long, so they don’t need to know
What you’ve been thinking
You leave you’re light on, even when nobody’s home
As if it’s the same thing
I don’t know what’s inside of you
But it ain’t no more than the view from a mirror
Hey look, you’re not brand new anymore
But you knew that before


Like the smile on your face
This will all be erased
It will chip and peel away
But don’t let it go to waste
Keep it safe, hold it in
This is how it begins
But you’ll never be more than a mannequin
Don’t you dare lie to me now,
This is all that you are, and all you will be
You’re not the vaccine, you’re the disease
And you do as you please…



Hey man, where you been
I caught a little hesitation but you’re back again
And oh, when I find out you can bet that I’ll pass it around
I think you been fooled
Into believing everything in life has got a rule
It’s alright, it’s okay, it’s all good, don’t be afraid
To dance with me in the rain

And I’ve been asking a long, long time
Only to hear that you’re fine, fine, fine
And it’s for sure you’re a stranger to love, alright

Hey babe, talk is cheap
Unless you’re dying for attention, then it’s all you need
And I got so much to say that it’s good all the world is a stage
This gig’s going live
I wanna have a conversation but I’m on in five
So sit down, here we go, let it flow, you never know
It might all be part of the show


Hey girl, I’ve been told
About a little condition called growing old
And I swear I’ll stay in love with every fraction of you
But it’s a little complicated when you don’t initiate it
I can still appreciate all that you do
But I’m a one­-man caravan
Waiting on a gas can
And I don’t have a clue, but I’m all for a plan


The Inside Out

So hold out your hand, then
It’s a pleasure to meet you, where the hell have you been
And were you around when
Everything fell to pieces, again and again
And are you lonely like me…

When Heaven lets you out
You’ll find me from the inside, out
You’ll be strong, you’ll be proud, and you’ll feel
You’ll cry when I cry
Your heart beats to mine
Oh my, I can’t wait for you to be real

Tell me who you are, now
Your every detail, show me what you’re about
And give me the lowdown
Tell me, are you the same within as you are without
And are you waiting for me…


And every time I turn around
It’s one round down
And what I thought I found
Well I lost it again
And after all this time
I’d give it one more try
‘Cause you were here inside me
Growing and growing
Without ever even knowing
You’re mine



So here you are, you hide your face behind the palms of your hands
The room is dark, the walls are closing in, no one understands
You think that you’re the only one mad enough to face this demon alone
Somehow the steeple’s fallen down, don’t look now, your faith is gone

And I have walked a long mile in your shoes
I’ve been down, I’ve paid my dues
I have been there, I have been there, I will testify
And I woke up from nightmares in your bed
Running circles in your head
I have been there, I have been there, I will testify

Take one more step, you’ll see eternity a heartache away
You’ve got no bag of tricks, no crucifix, to make this okay
One down, another dirty round, thought you found the easy road to your freedom
Tick ­tock, the clock don’t seem to stop, don’t you know there’s only one


You better watch your back
‘Cause you’re getting off track
And it’s taking you over like a heart attack
Save your skin ’cause you’re wearing it thin
You’ve been waiting on a miracle man, amen
But it’s one more thing to believe in, one more trial
C’mon and give it up



Nothing like a good girl crying despite herself
Nothing like a moment longer than life itself
Nothing like a hallway with mirror after mirror of someone else
It’s a pretty good reason to stay here
When all of your life is still on the shelf

And I know that you try so hard
And you wait so long
And you don’t know the moment when you went wrong
But I think you should know
It doesn’t make you unbeautiful

Nothing like a guilty second-party conscience to care about
Kind of like a piece of heartache you know you couldn’t live without
Nothing like a breach of love you thought you’d forgive by now
And it’s a pretty good reason to leave here
Without all the freedom you need to fall down


Well hang on for a minute
Let’s talk for a while
I know things never seem to go your way,
But I will
And if only a moment,
How about letting go…


Love Song

Sitting solemnly at home beside a silent telephone
A vacant heart, a world come and gone
So hold me in an I can see a cold, romantic one-way street
And empty bed of used-up promises
And then you came to me
With conscious hands and steady feet
You took away my need to need, my history
And boy, well here goes nothing…

And this ain’t a love song
It couldn’t be that I would fall for you so soon
My rose that blooms in autumn
So go on, break me, take me
To the place I’d want to be
And we can just pretend it wasn’t all a dream

At times it comes and goes again, an empire founded on a whim
And is it less important if we were young
In years will I look back and miss the way we made all of this
A sanctuary I would never trade for anything
And there you were again,
To show me just how I fit in
This incandescent second skin you’ve wrapped around me
Time and time again, and so it goes…


There’s lifetimes inside of your eyes
It’s been a long while since I woke up alive
And hell, I know there’s times when troubles don’t die
But I can try, and could we try…


Chorus Line

3am, and a cold wind blows through Broadway
Neon signs that remind you of times when you had better days
Soak in the night and if the timing is right, you see the shadows play
And it’s okay, because you won’t sleep today
Oh no, you won’t sleep today

And you’re suddenly thinking of your mind
And the too many thoughts to keep you in line

So you’re here now, believing
Everything’s got a meaning
And all the while the drum keeps time
It feels like you’re living in a chorus line
You always knew you would make it
And you’re on stage, but you’re naked
And all the while you sing in key
It feels like you’re dying to a symphony

9am well, so much for the nightlife
Take a seat while you eat, throw some crumbs at your feet
And watch the pigeons fight
Try not to stare at those who dream in the care of a subway tunnel light
And it’s alright, because you won’t sleep tonight
Oh no, you won’t sleep tonight

And if you’re thinking of getting a head start
You better remember to pardon your heart


3am, and a cold wind blows through Broadway
The ghost of the show, the remainder of those uncomplicated days
And you cry when the comedy seems to real
And you laugh at the tragedy you can’t feel
But that sweet, sweet irony, that’s what kills you the most



How did we get here, and why do you feel so cold
Am I sitting on a time bomb, are you better left alone
How does it feel, now that you’ve found your second skin
Did you need just enough of him in me, or none of me in him
Where have you gone to, where have you gone to

So there you are, you lay your body down, so smitten with ideas
And what a shame that you feel beautiful but wasted, tonight
And in the morning, you will swear that you’ve been taken from your reason
You strange, strange, strange, victim for life.

Where did you wake up, and were I to kiss your skin
Would I taste the salt and sweat and tears from the bed you were sleeping in
And what did you find out, about love, and loving you
Did you need someone who won’t fault you, someone to abuse
Where have you gone to, where have you gone to


And are you the kind to let this better you someday
Proverbial child of misplaced innocence
Or do you behold yourself a casualty of fate
How fitting that you’re the only one to know the end


There you are, and there you’ll be
Victim all your life…


I can’t help that I’m growing older
I can’t reset this game
I’ve never had a crying shoulder
And I need someone to blame
If you just gave me some direction
Well I wouldn’t feel this pain
Somebody, somebody, see me

I don’t need to go through
Behaving myself for you
I do what I do, and you don’t have a clue
And it’s not complicated
I’m just angry, because I don’t feel seen by you

You think you matter more if you make it
So you push me to the side
Now I feel like love is overrated
Because you never gave me mine
What do I have to do to prove to you
I’m worthy of your eyes
Somebody, somebody, see me


Don’t tell me what I need
I know I won’t believe you
And don’t tell me you know me
You only care about what you do


Deal Me Out

I think you’re low to the ground
I think you’re built to break down
I think it’s coming around
Look out, I better take cover
I think you choose who you blame
I think I’m gas on the flame
I hate the rules to this game
I think you need a new player

I’ve been waiting on a heart less complicated
Look what I found, look at me now…

Baby, you can hold on to the ending
Hell, go on pretending as long as you can stand it
Maybe you got something to believe in
A superficial feeling
But deal me out, I’m going home.

I think you need more at stake
I think you’re lacking in faith
I think I know how you taste
Been there, done that, it wasn’t that great
I think I’ve seen all your cards
I think I know who you are
I think you feed on your scars
And I think you need the pity

I’ve been waiting on a heart less complicated
Look what I found, look at me now…


I don’t give a damn if you cry
You can stand there batting your eyes
I don’t think you understand it’s hardly mutual
And when you find you’ve got nothing left
Blame it all on cause and effect
This is how it works and it is unequivocal



Lit by moonlight, you stand and smoke your cigarette
As it gets cold out, inhale peace, exhale regret
And you’re too cute to stand there alone
Why don’t we go where I can misuse you

Come in and dance, Love, sway your hips from side to side
Adjust your feelings, now, doesn’t that feel nice
And you’re too cool to stand to the side, why don’t we go for a ride
And you’re too kind to keep me away, how ’bout one more lie

Well love ain’t pain, it shouldn’t be a game
Shouldn’t feel like a wasted day, shouldn’t be so bitter.
Don’t say we’re good enough to change
It’s hard enough today, and I’ll never be the man you would want
Look now, at what it is and how
Hell, I could have been around, but it wouldn’t really be any better
Somehow it’s getting clearer now 
I’ll forever be the man, I’ll forever be the man you don’t want

We don’t need this, but I bet you think you do
It feels like morning, and Heaven knows you’re mourning too
Well you’re too real to lie to yourself, why don’t you try something else
And you’re too wise to call me a friend, but let’s do it all over again


Turn around, look at me
Do you see what I mean
Never do dirty hands turn clean
And I know, I know, what I’ve seen…



I have been overlooked in whole
I don’t think that you would ever know
This cool is dragging me down
One more step toward this need unmet
I don’t think that I would soon forget
The chill of waiting around

I’m the one who held you
I’m the one who loved you
I’m the one who followed your every move
And when I understand it
When I remember where it went
When I’m whole again, I’ll let go of you

But I feel like something got away from me
So real, so what if I would say
I want to cry, no pretty conversation
No more lies, so much for feeling fine
I want a fight

I am the bearer of your mood
Every word, and everything you do
Is all that keeps me from this
A second party does me well
I don’t think that you could ever tell
I hold my heart in my fist

I’m the one who sees you
I’m the one who bleeds for you
I’m the one who waited here like a fool
And when I understand it
When I remember where it went
When I’m whole again, I’ll let go of you


And oh well
I keep on thinking time will tell
But I’m one man
Doing everything I can
And I don’t see the end
And I don’t know where it ends


Working on a Sunday

Do you find what you need
In the necklace and the beads
And the savior who died heroically
So you strain and you strive
To recall another life
As you harness magenta energy
It’s the priest and the pope,
And the son and holy ghost
And the father above nobody knows
Is it karma you seek,
Or to turn the other cheek
This is it, so get down on your knees

And where do we go from here,
Where do we go from here…

It’s too far to regret it
But too close to forget it
And though you’d die to get yourself saved
It’s a full­time job, and I’m working on Sunday

So you found who you are
And the alignment of the stars
Is the reason you’re so argumentative
It’s the time that you take
To sit still and meditate
On the meaning of life while you’re missing it
It’s the key, it’s the cross
It’s the meaning of a loss
In the eyes of the mind that was planning it
Double up, ready set
Count your chips and make a bet
Bow your head boy, this is the rest

And where do we go from here,
Where do we go from here…


We try so hard to disregard
The rationality of our heart
Beating still against the will
Of restlessness and ego


I am

I am, I will, be steady and still
This is painful, but please won’t you keep it coming
One time, one day, look into the face of an angel
And swear that your heart isn’t running

I am the fortunate defined
And so stay you, unknowingly beautiful
I am the restless called to mind
And so stay you, so stay you

I am the fiction of your life
And little by little I grow
I am the stranger by your side
Careful that you never know
One down, one million miles to go
Taking in all that you can
I am the pavement on the road
And I thought you should know that I am

I am the cool, the seasonal fool for your taking
Forever I offer my shoulder
I am unfound, I keep to the ground
And I stay there, waiting for something to falter

I am the timid made to sing
And so stay you, unwittingly wonderful
I am a controversial thing
But so stay you, so stay you


Is there nothing simple to believe in
Don’t you think this world I’m in is unkind
It’s lonely waiting on a cue
And I can’t think of anything worth saying
Anything you ain’t already heard over time
To tell you this is all for you


Girl Go Home

Collect yourself, it’s a hot day outside
Nevermind the sweat in your makeup
Or the hair in your eyes
You’re beautiful, divinely understated
You live with every heartbeat
And love with every breath

And I think, oh, let the girl go home…

Adjust your dress, and slide on your shoes
Take as long as one life allows you
If that’s what you choose
And who’d have known
That you were all my missing pieces
Who’d have known that Heaven felt like this

And I think, oh, leave the girl alone
Oh, let the girl go home

Collect your things, and leave while you can
Don’t forget your purse on your shoulder
And my heart in your hand
And there you go, lighting up the doorway
But leave me in this moment
Before the light fades

And I think, oh, leave the girl alone
Oh, let the girl go home
And I think, oh, leave the girl alone
Oh, let the girl go home