Hi! Welcome. Come on in. Oh, you brought a bottle of wine? You shouldn’t have! Try the dip, I made it myself.

I’ve never had a blog before. I don’t even know exactly what I’m going to be using it for, aside from periodically projectile-vomiting my thoughts all over you. The blog will really serve—so far as I can foresee—as a catchall for sharing personal updates and announcements (whenever they pop up), essays or musings (on whatever), new YouTube videos (if I ever return to that), old YouTube videos (if somehow they become topical or especially relevant) and more generally, anything I happen to find interesting or useful, including passing along the work and content of other people (to whom I’ll always give proper credit).

I’m currently debating the pros and cons of including a comments section under each post. From what I understand, allowing comments leaves me vulnerable to copious amounts of spam and even hacking, but it also fosters potentially great conversation (which is the point of this section of my website, after all). As yet, blog entrees do not include a place for comments, but if you find this stifling or frustrating (or even relieving), I want to hear from you. Simply go to the “Contact” page and shoot me a message in the field provided.

I’ll probably be editing/adding to this post as time goes on (especially if I do begin allowing comments, as I’ll want to set up some conversational ground rules), because I honestly can’t anticipate what kind of disclaimers, reminders, or—let’s be real—damage control I’ll want to do in the future as I get the hang of things.

So like I said, welcome, enjoy, feel free to send suggestions, and please forgive the attendant learning curve. Cheers!