First thing’s first: If you haven’t seen Brian Keith Dalton’s YouTube channel, “Mr. Deity,”, I’m so sorry, because you’ve been tragically deprived. Categorically, he’s a “YouTube Atheist” (I acknowledge the stigma that term carries) but he’s no vlogger; he’s a gifted writer and filmmaker, and each Deity installment is as entertaining, meaningful, and clever as anything you’d find on HBO. I don’t even want to spoil it: just watch the first episode and get yourself hooked. (There are six seasons of this thing, so grab popcorn. And then grab a napkin, so you don’t get popcorn on your keyboard.)

Then subscribe, share, and if you can, donate. He’s criminally underexposed, and he does this stuff for free.

I had the pleasure of meeting Brian a couple years ago (having already been a fan of his), and to my surprise, he knew of my channel as well. He mentioned an idea for a short film he had rolling around in his head—a spoof of the Bourne Identity that pokes some fun at Christian theology through the eyes of someone who’d lost all memory of organized religion—and asked if I was interested in being a part of it. Honestly, I just thought he was trying to be nice.

Then, a few weeks ago, he emailed me a hilarious and thought-provoking script, and before I knew it we were shooting. Just like that. I had so much fun doing this. I hope you have as much fun watching it.



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